Unique guitars

Have you ever seen a guitar without a big hole in the middle, behind the strings? I never had, until I saw a picture of an Ovation guitar! When I saw a picture of the guitars without a big hole in the body, I was fascinated! So I decided to learn a little about the guitar, and learned that it was designed by an aeronautical engineer who was fascinated with guitars and decided to redesign the guitar. I went onto YouTube to try to find a video that explained more about the details of the different designs, but after watching several videos about the company, I finally gave up.

Guitar lessons were too boring for me when I was a kid

When I was a young teenager, my parents gave me an acoustic guitar for a birthday gift. I was sure I wanted to learn to play the guitar! And they signed me up for music classes. Unfortunately, the music teacher didn’t seem to appreciate the fact that young teenagers don’t want to spend hours and hours every day learning ONLY to read music and play the “mary had a little lamb” types of songs. Young teenagers ALSO want to learn a few “quick and dirty” songs that they can play fairly quickly. And no one had explained how much it would hurt my fingers to put pressure on the guitar strings when pressing them down on the frets!

So I abandoned the classes fairly quickly – they were boring and my fingers hurt. I wanted no More painful, boring hours of practice alone in my room playing songs I hated! Sometimes people ask me if I wish I had kept at it, and when I hear gifted musicians play, I do find myself wishing I could play that well, too. But, my tolerance level for pain was too low, so the answer to that question is “no.” I’m not a big fan of pain!

Spring ahead already?

I must be suffering from serious brain cramps. This morning I heard the news people on the Today Show talking about how Daylight Savings Time is going to start this Sunday, March 8th. For some reason I thought I was hearing things! Daylight savings time already? For some reason I was thinking that did not start this early in the year, that it was some time in April. Seems to me I remember several years ago “they” decided to slowly extend the amount of time that “is” daylight savings time, by starting it earlier and ending it later, but boy, did this creep up on me, or what? So I thought I was hearing things, and went to look at the calendar hanging on the wall. Sure enough, it is true, this Sunday it is!

I decided to go online and see when it started last year and found that it was early March then, too. And the year before that, and before that, and before that, and before that…… Now I am really concerned about my sanity! I guess some of my brain cells that stored that memory have died of old age, or neglect, one or the other! When did my life get so hectic that facts like these get shoved aside and forgotten?