Color My World

crayons (free clip art)

crayons (free clip art)

Do grown ups ever get to use crayons and color for fun? Or is that a big part of your creative childhood that has to get left behind after you reach a certain age?

I see crayons on the store shelves as part of the back to school push of products. I would love to buy a big box of crayons and spend a rainy afternoon coloring. Don’t laugh!

Staying safe this weekend

Labor Day (free clip art)

Labor Day (free clip art)

I have absolutely no plans for this Labor Day weekend. I’d much rather stay home and kick back here. There are too many people on the road and to be honest, I’m afraid of drivers drinking. So I wish every one a Safe and fun Labor Day, a bit early.

Touch of Homesick

My niece is a bit of a drama queen and frequently complains about feeling homesick when the family goes out of town to visit relatives or friends.

I have been away from the DC area (where I grew up) for several years now, and I have to admit that every once in a great while I feel a touch of homesickness. But I know in my heart that I do not live there anymore and there’s no “going home.” In fact, the house where I grew up was sold to another family within months of my high school graduation and the new people remodeled it. So that’s a closed chapter of my life.

Now it’s on to greater adventures, here in Nashville and beyond!

Cute hand painted box

Hand painted box from Goods Home Furnishings

Hand painted box from Goods Home Furnishings

I was so excited to find this beautiful hand painted box for sale online when I was asked by my sister to help her find discount furniture at goods to furnish her new apartment. I don’t know how much the box costs, which is a little bit frustrating. The website doesn’t have a price listed, and has the notice to call them for a price. This puts me in mind of going to a restaurant and being given a menu without any prices listed.

Broken Remote

The TV in my living room is operated by a remote control that came with the cable box. As long as I leave the TV set on channel 3, I can use the remote to change channels, adjust the volume, and turn off all the components from the couch.

For some strange reason, my dog decided to chew on the remote this morning after I left for work. When I came home, the chewed remote was laying in the middle of the floor. Arrrrg!