Brush and Floss

My teeth are not the strongest, thanks to something in my DNA. Both of my parents are British, so I think I was doomed to have bad English teeth. It’s not a myth – it’s real.

My dentists over the years have tried every approach to get me to brush my teeth regularly and floss. I have resisted just about all their efforts throughout my childhood. But now that I am older and realize that healthy teeth are an important part of a nice appearance, and are important to overall health, I am actually trying to take better care of my teeth and gums. I do brush twice a day and I do floss every night. I hope it’s not too late to keep my smile.

Having the Talk

There has never been a good outcome for me when someone (whether friend, family, co-worker, or boss) has told me, “We need to talk.” When I hear that I want to run right home, crawl into bed and pull the covers up over my head!

My mother had a unique way of bringing up a problem. She would say, “I have a bone to pick with you.”


Critters Today

What a day!

This morning as I went to get in the car and go to work, I stepped off my porch step and over (thank GOD!) a snake. It was about two feet long and was just laying across the bottom step. I thought it was a stick at first, but then it moved. I about had a heart attack! It was a black snake, so it was not a venomous type of snake, but it still startled me!

Then I came home at lunch and found a big brown rabbit in my front yard. He hopped away as I got out of the car. I wonder if he will come back after I leave? I wonder if the snake has high hopes of catching that rabbit and feasting on that big bunny?


I decided that I will fix the deck out back myself. I just went online to order the fasteners that I will need. I started expanding the deck with the help of a friend last summer. He was supposed to finish it, but then had to move out of state for work and was unable to. We had already bought all of the wood, which has been stored in the shed over the winter. The base has already been up and all I need to do is the rest. It shouldn’t take me very long.