Sweet little amp is just perfect

I was just watching a YouTube demonstration of a sweet little fender passport mini is the perfect amp for the musician on the go. Right now it is on sale for under $200, which makes it a perfect Christmas gift! It runs on either AC or DC, and is great for students, street musicians, or anyone that needs a small amp for presentations.

Remember Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Day

I blame the Second World War for the death of my father, so Pearl Harbor Day is a day that I do not relish – it reminds me of all of the people that died over the stupid greed of evil rulers of foreign countries that attacked our shores. Evil people suck.

Scrolling Typos

breaking news (free clip art)

breaking news (free clip art)

A lot of the TV channels have adopted the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen to make viewers aware of breaking news and alerts.

Years ago, viewers would have to endure complete interruption of their preferred show for a talking head to read the script of breaking news on camera. But now, a lot of the breaking news is just a few words scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

It must be stressful programming in just the right words to scroll across the screen. It’s like having to write headlines as a teaser to get your attention but also to add just enough vital information to give viewers a snapshot of the situation.

At its worst, the scrolling words contain a typo, which broadcasts to the entire world that someone is not smart enough to spell the name correctly or never got enough education to recognize the difference in the meaning of words, such as “sum” versus “some.”

Always get complete coverage

I was really pleased when my sister told me that she had found the perfect insurance policy for her son’s after she visited the allredinsurance.com website that I had suggested to her a few weeks ago. I had encouraged her to get complete coverage – especially since her son is a teenager who only had his license for a few months. But she did not listen to me, and only got liability. Yesterday he totaled his car in a single vehicle accident! Now they are in the very difficult position of needing to buy a replacement vehicle, and having no money to do so! I sure wish that hadn’t happened!

How Much Turkey?

Turkey (free clip art)

Turkey (free clip art)

If you are cooking on Thursday, how do you know you will have enough turkey? I just always picked up a big turkey and figured that a big one would work out. They all seem to be about the same size in the grocery store anyway!

But if you really need to know how many pounds of turkey you need to buy, here’s what I found on the Internet this morning:

If you need only enough turkey to make it through Thanksgiving dinner: buy between ¾ pound to 1 pound per person.

If you want enough leftovers for the long weekend: buy 1 pound (or slightly more) per person.