How Much Turkey?

Turkey (free clip art)

Turkey (free clip art)

If you are cooking on Thursday, how do you know you will have enough turkey? I just always picked up a big turkey and figured that a big one would work out. They all seem to be about the same size in the grocery store anyway!

But if you really need to know how many pounds of turkey you need to buy, here’s what I found on the Internet this morning:

If you need only enough turkey to make it through Thanksgiving dinner: buy between ¾ pound to 1 pound per person.

If you want enough leftovers for the long weekend: buy 1 pound (or slightly more) per person.

When Should You Conduct a Solicitor Review

There are many different areas of law and many different services that solicitors offer all over the world and in the UK. Regardless of the service or the area of law, it is important that clients are satisfied with the level of representation they receive from their attorney. Dissatisfaction based upon solicitor negligence can lead to a solicitor review and lawsuits against solicitors. The dissatisfaction can be based on any of these areas or services:

  • The solicitor in question may be engaged in private practise, which means they have their own firm or office engaged in providing services such as probate matters, family or civil law, conveyance, personal injury or criminal law.
  • Solicitors who are involved in commercial practice usually act on behalf of businesses or corporations. They are engaged in advising them on matters relating to employment, taxes, contracts mergers and the laws regarding mergers or the buying and selling of companies.
  • Solicitors who are contracted in-house, provide legal service and advice to the entity to which they are legally contracted. This may be with the local authorities, government, government agents, or private companies.
  • Solicitors that work on behalf of the government Crown prosecution. They examine evidence provided by the authorities and decide based on the merits of the case whether to bring cases before the court for prosecution.

No one is above the law, including solicitors. The actions of all lawyers can be held up for scrutiny and a solicitor review, if the client feels that they have been the victim of solicitor negligence. Regardless of the area of law that the lawyer specialises in or where he is employed. The client expects to receive service and value in exchange for the fees charged.

Here is a list of services that solicitors provide that can be reviewed if the client is dissatisfied:

  • The advice received from a solicitor regarding any legal matter may be the subject of a review if the client suspects negligence.
  • The solicitor’s representation of you in court should be above reproach and inspire confidence.
  • Preparing documents or files for court matters. Documentation should be  well prepared and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Their instructions to another solicitor, insurer or any other third party on your behalf. Instructions, should be clear and in accordance with your expressed wishes.
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed financial records. Records pertaining to billing and all monetary manners should be detailed and accurate to prevent allegations of misappropriation of funds or incorrect billing.
  • Legally constructing contracts, agreements, letters or any documents. Documentation drawn up on behalf of clients must be in accordance with established legal principles and the best interest of the client.
  • Conduct research, using past cases that may be similar in nature to your case. Solicitors perform research duties for clients using old case law and precedents to make recommendations.
  • Representing and safeguarding the clients interest at negotiations and meetings. Solicitor often attend meetings either with or on behalf of clients. It is their job to carry out the instructions of their clients and safeguard their interests.

If you have been the victim of solicitor negligence visit SOS Claims today.

It Is Time to Fall Back – Reset your clocks tonight when you go to bed!

Fall Back (free clip art)

Fall Back (free clip art)

Tonight is the night when Daylight Savings ends. At 2am Sunday morning, the clocks are to be turned back one hour. I always wonder how the television guides (the printed version) handle that time change. At 2am the clocks get set back to 1am, so there are two different 1ams! I wonder how many people get confused by that! I know some folks set their clocks back before they go to bed on Saturday night, and that is what I try to do. Some wait until Sunday morning when they get up. Sometimes that is what I do, too, but usually it is because I might have forgotten the night before to do that!

Too Much for Chips

potato chips (free clip art)

potato chips (free clip art)

Just noticed the price of a bag of potato chips while I was shopping today. At the Kroger a bag of Lays chips is $4.99. Not even gourmet chips – just regular chips in the bag.

I’m astonished. This bag is nothing more than one potato that has been sliced very thin, tossed in hot oil for a couple of minutes, salted and then tossed into an oversized thin foil bag. When you think about it, the bag is 80% air. So what on earth can justify charging almost five bucks for one bag of chips that will last an average family just one day? This amount of money for this little bit of snack food is crazy!