I decided that I will fix the deck out back myself. I just went online to order the fasteners that I will need. I started expanding the deck with the help of a friend last summer. He was supposed to finish it, but then had to move out of state for work and was unable to. We had already bought all of the wood, which has been stored in the shed over the winter. The base has already been up and all I need to do is the rest. It shouldn’t take me very long.

Monthly Duties

There’s a lot of things that I have to do every month. Maybe not all on the first day of the month, but the first day is a good reminder to get started on them. Some duties can be scheduled but others depend on receiving things in the mail before you can start on them.

Water the cactus
Get a mani/pedi
Hair cut and color
Balance the checkbook
Change the air filter in the furnace
Change the oil in the car
Pay bills
Toss last month’s magazines
Heartworm pill for my dog

I love buying wholesale

Whenever I get the chance to buy something at a wholesale price, I jump at it. Assuming, of course, that I actually NEED the product! I am a member of two wholesale clubs – Costco, and BJ’s. I love shopping there – I get a lot of good quality items at a low price, if I play my cards right. You have to be careful, though, and really know your prices if you want to save money! My old printer has started to act a little funny lately, and I’ve started to shop around for wholesale printers, to see what I might want to get as a replacement when this old one gasps its last breath. I don’t want to be rushing it to the junk-yard, mind you, I hope it runs for many years to come. But, a gal’s gotta be prepared, you know what I mean?

Movie Night

Tonight I wanted to watch a movie and just chill out, but I couldn’t decide what to watch. I have a good collection of DVDs with a variety of genres, but nothing sounded appealing. So I turned to the On Demand listings and scrolled through the listing of free movies. They have an oldie but goodie on the list, a movie starring Cher and Wynonna Ryder called, “Mermaids.” So I think that’s what It will be for me tonight. Mermaids and popcorn.